Professor Jerry Walker

AusProof is proud and excited to welcome Jerry to our internal Research and Development Team, bringing his valuable contributions to continually advance industry practices. His focus on enhancing and innovating products and features further underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the high voltage insulation systems field.

Jerry brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of high voltage insulation systems, with a remarkable journey that spans over several decades. His career commenced as an Apprentice Electro-Mechanical Millwright, setting the foundation for a lifelong commitment to the industry.

With an impressive 25-year tenure as an Artisan and Technician in various industrial settings, Jerry honed his skills and accumulated invaluable practical knowledge. Eager to delve deeper into his field, he pursued and successfully obtained a BTech (Bacalareus Technologiae) degree. Subsequently, Jerry joined the prestigious Vaal University of Technology as a Lecturer, marking the beginning of his academic journey.

Driven by a passion for research and academic excellence, Jerry achieved the pinnacle of academic accomplishment with a DTech (Doctoris Technologiae) degree. His doctoral thesis, titled “Diagnostic Evaluation of Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) Insulated Cables“, showcased his dedication to advancing the understanding of high voltage insulation systems.

Rising through the ranks, Jerry was appointed as an Associate Professor, entrusted with heading the Institute for High Voltage Studies at Vaal University of Technology. His leadership and contributions significantly impacted the institute’s growth and reputation.

In pursuit of new horizons, Jerry ventured into the entrepreneurial realm, founding Walmet Technologies (Pty) Ltd and Walmet Consultancy (Pty) Ltd. As the Director of Walmet Consultancy, he specialises in providing expert consultations, conducting investigations, and delivering training tailored to industry needs.

Currently, Jerry serves as a Research Professor, contracting with Vaal University of Technology. In this role, he is actively involved in supervising postgraduate students, contributing to the university’s research endeavours.

Jerry’s expertise extends to finite element simulations for steady-state and transient analysis of non-standard buried cable installations, showcasing his commitment to cutting-edge research methodologies. His status as a Fellow of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers underlines his esteemed standing within the professional community.