An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of electrical cable couplers, AusProof is dedicated to exploring the unknown in the design and development of high and low voltage cable coupler solutions.

Directors    Company History

Based in Gladstone, Queensland, AusProof was opened by Philip and Wendy Marks in 1994. With 20 years of professional experience behind him, Philip established early on his drive for creating products of the highest possible quality. This drive is reflected in the AusProof name and its logo, with a set of proof coins the highest possible quality coins a person can buy.

However, AusProof believes that there is always more that can be done, another solution to be designed, an improvement that can be made. Our R&D team is always at work, with a percentage of turnover allocated each year to designing new and redeveloping existing products.

AusProof offers cable coupler solutions in both aluminium and stainless steel, with operating voltages ranging from 660V all the way up to 35,000V, and available ratings varying from 60A to 800A. AusProof products are used not just in the Australian market but around the world, with couplers supplied to Africa, the USA, the UK, South America, and parts of New Zealand and Asia.

AusProof is committed to manufacturing products that are modern, reliable, durable, and above all, safe. Features such as replaceable flameproof paths, insulation that extinguishes arcs and faults, full phase to phase segregation with earth, prevention of hot joints, and the high voltage LED Live Line Indicator are products of AusProof’s priority focus on health and safety.

In 2018, AusProof launched the partner company, KableX, redesigning how the current cable repair industry operates with new technology and processes.

With both Ex and Non-Ex couplers, plugs and receptacles available, AusProof offers a variety of products and accessories for use in above and underground worksites, and pumps and tunnelling projects. A full catalogue of available products can be found by following the ‘Products’ link below.

Our Products

For further information about AusProof and its products, do no hesitate to reach out to one of our state sales representatives, whose contact details can be found here.