Remembering Rassie Stander

It is with very heavy hearts that we gathered today in memory of our South African business partner, Rassie Stander, Managing Director and Shareholder of JoynX (Pty) Ltd, who passed tragically in an accident last Sunday.

Our relationship goes back a long time in business and as a personal friend. He was a man of good ethics, strong character and solid mateship. This is not written lightly that his passing will leave a void in our lives that we will be reminded of, for many years to come.

AusProof staff celebrated his life with traditional South African food that he loved – Boerewors, pap and sous with added dessert, milk tart and peppermint crisp tart.

We send our deepest condolences to Rassie’s wife Marinda and family, and his brother Danie and family.

For Philip Mark’s kind words on Rassie, please click here


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