Sam celebrates a decade with AusProof

Guaranteed to make an impact and presence each time he arrives on site, AusProof celebrated Sam’s 10 year work anniversary in November 2021.

Back in 2011, a young (and entertaining) Sam entered AusProof when Philip was the Managing Director and night shift’s were still a part of the regular weekly roster. Sam begun his AusProof journey as a CNC operator in machine shop at 21 years young. Known for embracing new challenges and opportunities, Sam has continued to gain invaluable skills learning all areas throughout the factory, from machining to moulding, to casting and assembly. He has now worked his way in to the Inspection Supervisor position, overseeing the quality of AusProof parts and assists with internal audits as part of the Quality Team.

For outstanding contributions, an employee can receive a set of proof coins from AusProof. Excitingly, Sam has been awarded this honour twice for his commitment and dedication at AusProof. The first being four years ago when he assisted AusProof with major company upgrades and changes; the second being in recognition for his 10 year service at AusProof.

Reflecting on his time, Sam has always enjoyed the work atmosphere within AusProof, the individual co-workers his met along the way and seeing AusProof continually evolve and change throughout the years. When summing up his 10 years with the company in his owns words, ‘I would say that this is the best job that I’ve had so far in my entire work life which is why I have achieved my 10 years here.’

We thank Sam for his contributions to AusProof and he’s personality that brings with him each day to work.


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