AusProof Ex Flameproof Range

AusProof Ex Flameproof Range HVContinually looking for innovative ways to enhance our products, AusProof’s Ex flameproof range has been no exception. The Ex flameproof coupler range has undergone continuous improvements, making them a safe and reliable integrated system of the highest quality.

With AusProof products often used in mining and hazardous environments, the protentional for an electric shock and ignition of explosive atmosphere makes the use of reliable and safe equipment essential.

Safety is our top priority

AusProof strives to increase safety in high risk applications by continuously re-assessing and improving the equipment manufactured in our factory. All AusProof coupler systems are designed and manufactured to Australian and international standards, including:

  • ANZEx
  • IECEx
  • ISO9001

Updates and Benefits

LED Live Line Indicator

Our new and improved live line indicator is modelled on the same trusted design featured in previous AusProof products but is not fitted with the benefits of LED technology. The LED technology is smartly integrated into the coupler, allowing the LED to light up when power is active in the coupler. When there is no power in the coupler, the LED cannot be seen. This technology allows for eliminating the use of external devices to test for power.

With measurable advantages over bulb indicators, our new LED units boast 50,000 hours of life and are noticeably brighter to improve visual awareness and operator safety. Designed to work over a wide voltage range and have as few electrical components as possible, our LED live line indicators have increased reliability and offer an extra measure of safety.

Low Voltage Restrained Range

AusProof Ex Flameproof Range LVAusProof’s Ex flameproof range of restrained plugs and receptacles is suitable for use in mining, tunnelling and commercial applications and includes Group 1 hazardous locations.

Excitingly, the 60A plug and receptacle have been designed to handle up to 90A – the first of its kind within Australia. Key features of the range include the redesigned receptacle release options and the one solid body – allowing for easy on-site repair to damaged flamepaths.

Receptacle release options that are available on the 150A, 300A and 425A include:

  • Standard Jack-In;
  • Quick Release;
  • Ratchet Release.

AusProof Ex Flameproof Range Advantages

  • Full phase to earth segregation;
  • Removable flange;
  • Genderless design;
  • Insulating materials that extinguishes arcs and faults;
  • One piece contacts;
  • Solid face and body casting.



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