Low Voltage Stainless Steel Restrained Range

AusProof’s low voltage plug and receptacle restrained range is suitable for use in mining, tunnelling and commercial applications and includes Group 1 hazardous locations.

The restrained range features amps ranging from 60 through to 425A and voltages available from 660 to 3,300V. Excitingly, AusProof has redesigned the 60A PES range to handle up to a mammoth 90A – notably, the first of it’s kind within Australia. Additionally, this range of 90A is 100% compatible with the 60A range.

  • The PES Range (Plug Extra Small) refers to plugs and receptacles in the 60A size, noting that these can be 660V or 1100V.
  • The PS Range (Plugs Small) refers to all plugs and receptacles that are rated to 150A. This includes 660V and 1100V ranges.
  • The PL Range refers to plugs and receptacles that are rated to 300A or 425A. This includes 660V, 1100V and 3300V ranges. The PL Range is also available in 4 pin or 6 pin configurations.

AusProof’s PS and PL restrained range has additional features available, including:

  • The back-to-back (B2B) receptacle;
  • Receptacle Gland and Bracket (RGB);
  • Quick Release or Jack In options.

Other innovative features in the restrained range developed by the team include:

  • One solid body and solid stainless steel internal cage
  • Single piece contacts, easy termination
  • Easy flameproof repair
  • Solid earth connectivity throughout the product
  • Phase to earth segregation


pes restrained rangeps restrained rangepl restrained range






PES Range                             PS Range                                    PL Range