10 Years of Laughs, Challenges, Growth and Adventures

Time to party, woohoo! 10 years is a pretty long time, and it would be remiss of us if we didn’t take a moment to recognise this amazing milestone, and show appreciation for all the hard work, assistance and dedication over that time. Join us in celebrating Gary Hansen and his amazing 10 years with AusProof.

For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Gary, let us quickly introduce you (he’s a character that’s hard to condense into a single paragraph, but we’ll try). With Gary, he’s a bit ‘on the fence’, a balanced combination of silly and serious. He loves a good joke or two, but knows when it’s time to pull his socks up. To unwind, you’ll find him on some kind of bike, whether he’s gone bush on his mountain bike, exploring the trails on his dirt bike, or hitting the open road on his motor bike. If not out for a ride you’ll find him at home enjoying the rugby, or uh… trying to fish (apparently his skills leave a lot to be desired, his words not ours).

Gary has worked in the mining industry in some capacity for 40 years now, with his experiences prior to joining AusProof giving him hands-on experience with the use and operations of high and low voltage couplers in underground sites. His most recent position before joining AusProof as a Sales Representative 10 years ago was as an electrician within the mining industry of WA’s Goldfields region, in both surface and underground sites. These roles highlighted to him the importance of service and supply, and help him relate to those around him when attending sites.

AusProof’s drive for innovation, and being based in Australia, are two factors that initially drew Gary to AusProof; being a family-owned operation with an amazing sense of team camaraderie are two of the factors that has kept him hanging around. As the Sales Representative for Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, Gary has had the opportunity to travel much of Australia, attending trade shows in other states, all to build that personal connection within his daily dealings. In his 10 years with AusProof, Gary has enjoyed the R&D journey of each product redesigned and the new ones developed, of being a part of a company helping to shape the industry.

Motivation for his job has never been an issue for Gary, having always had a passion for the industry and a thirst for industry knowledge that never waivers. When speaking of some of his achievements over the years:

‘I completed the Western Power high voltage switching course and several courses through the AIM institute, which has helped me in my day to day work environment.’

Something Gary has found satisfying in his time with AusProof is seeing the leaps and strides made in relation to technological developments of high and low voltage couplers in underground sites, as well as how AusProof has helped its domestic and international customers complete their projects. This has definitely not been without it hurdles over the years, but to Gary, it’s all a learning and character-building experience. You win some, you lose some. You can’t let it bog you down.

For anyone looking to join the industry, or a similar sales role, a little nugget of advice from Gary would be:

‘Get involved in improving the industry in general where you can, and be prepared to continually learn. Follow through on things you don’t know, there will be plenty of them.’

We could easily keep going, after all, you accumulate a lot of experiences, both good and challenging, over a 10-year period, but we’ll have to wrap it here.

Congratulations Gary! Thanks for sticking with us for this long. Cheers to you, keep on loving life, and we look forward to seeing what more you can accomplish in the future. If you’d like to get in touch with Gary, whether to wish him a “Happy 10 Years” or for something a bit more work-related, his information can be found here.

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