A Good Start to the Year!

Did you hear? We did! A new sales representative has joined the AusProof family! We just wanted to take a second to give a warm “Welcome aboard!” to Willy Gomero, and take a bit of time to introduce him to you.

Arriving in Australia in 2010, Willy’s Latin American background allows him a unique perspective on things, both personally and professionally. While willing to put in the hard yards and challenge himself, he’s keen for a joke or two, enjoying a fun and friendly atmosphere. Willy likes travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people, which, given his new role requirements, works out well, don’t you think?

Having worked in the mining equipment industry in both Australia and South America in a variety of roles, Willy brings a combination of local and international experience to the AusProof table. Along with his experience in sales support for an OEM company, Willy is skilled in business development, customer service, and account management, enjoying the chance to interact and work closely with end-users at all levels of the operational structure. Locally, Willy’s work experience has seen him travelling across New South Wales and Queensland, visiting mine sites and engaging in face-to face customer interactions, for those times when a phone call or email simply isn’t enough to allow him to get to the heart of the matter and assist his customers as much as he can.

A good work-life balance is important to Willy, enjoying the chance to catch up with friends over a glass of wine, spend time with his family, or catch up on the soccer. An honest, passionate and resilient team player, Willy believes in putting his best foot forward, working hard to achieve his personal and professional goals, and encouraging others to do the same. One goal he is currently working towards is completing his MBA studies at the University of Newcastle.

For those of you located in New South Wales, Victoria or Tasmania, Willy is now your go-to guy. Excited to get started, explore new opportunities, and answer any queries you may have, you can find his contact details by clicking the link here. Or, you can connect with Willy on LinkedIn.

It’s great to have you with us Willy, we are thrilled to welcome you to the AusProof powerhouse, and look forward to seeing what you can achieve!

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