First Perth, then Brisbane, now Adelaide! Will we see you at Copper to the World 2024?

We’re barely through the first half of the year and already we’ve bounced from west to east and now to the south!

Copper to the World is due to be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 18-19 June 2024. It’s been a while since we’ve attended an event in South Australia, and we are keen to connect with members of the South Australian industry on their own turf, to have see how our cable coupler solutions can help your site meet its operational needs.

For these two days you’ll find our team at Stand 21. If you’re old hats to the industry, you’ll recognise Gary Hansen, who is making the hop, skip and jump over from WA, but we may also have a couple of fresh new faces making an appearance. Why not stop by and say hello?

If you pop by you’ll also get the change to interact with some of our low voltage stainless steel plugs and receptacles, the perfect chance to check them out for yourself if you’ve seen them online, or heard about them here or there, and they’ve piqued your interest. Any questions you might have about these products, about termination, replaceable flamepaths, compliance and more, our reps can answer those and more, in order to help your site find the product that is right to meet your needs. They can even demonstrate our products for you; don’t hesitate to ask them!

Also at our stand will be one of our 11kV aluminium couplers. While you won’t be able to interact with this coupler directly, you’ll be able to see for yourself just how bright our LED Live Line Indicator is. This safety feature, now standard on all high voltage aluminium couplers, was re-released in 2020 after two years of redevelopment, making it brighter than ever before in order to enable its use both above and below ground.

With AusProof celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, maybe you’re curious about AusProof in and of itself? Our sales reps can answer those questions too! Could be a good topic for discussion while sneaking a sugary treat or two and checking out the goodies we will have on offer.

Whether we’ve seen you already this year at another event, or our reps have visited you on-site, we hope you’ll stop by Stand 21 at Copper to the World and have a chat. We value each chance we get to disucss the industry with those who know it best, and if there’s one thing we know its that things can change so quickly; new needs might need to be met, new pains might need to be solved. From 18-19 June, why not stop by and see us at the Adelaide Convention Centre? We look forward to seeing you there!




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