PL (Plug Large) Range | Stainless Steel Restrained Plugs and Receptacles

Ex-certified and suitable for use in mining, tunnelling and commercial applications, including Group 1 hazardous environments, receptacles in the PL Range are available in Jack-In Release and Quick Release options.

Fully compliant to AS/NZS1299, plugs and receptacles in the PL Range offer operating voltages of 660V, 1,100V and 3,300V, with ratings of 300A and 425A available. All plugs and receptacles in the PL Range can be ordered in either 4-pin or 6-pin configurations. In the event of flamepath damage, the outer body casting of PS plugs can be replaced on-site, even underground, with no specialised training or cable termination required. The outer body casting can also be ordered separately at a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire plug and kept on hand. Back-to-Back (B2B) and Receptacle Gland Bracket (RGB) assemblies are available for both receptacle release options.

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  • Features

    • Quick Release
    • Single piece contacts to prevent hot joints
    • Easy termination
    • Easy flameproof repair
    • Full solid earth connectivity throughout product
    • Full phase to phase segregation with earth
    • Lightest Ex product on the market
  • Accessories

    • Silicone Protection Cover
    • Stainless steel Hanging Plate for Back-to-Back (B2B) receptacles

Technical Information