PES (Plug Extra Small) Range | Stainless Steel Restrained Plugs and Receptacles

Ex-certified and suitable for use in mining, tunnelling and commercial applications, including Group 1 hazardous environments, the PES Range is now available with Back-to-Back (B2B) and Receptacle Gland Bracket (RGB) assemblies.

With operating voltages of 660V and 1,100V, when released the PES was the first of its kind on the Australian market, offering a range of 60A products designed to withstand 90A. Both options are fully compatible with each other, with black stripes used for easy identification of 90A products. Plugs and receptacles rated to 60A are compliant to AS/NZS1299, while those rated to 90A are not only compliant to AS/NZS1299 but exceed it.

In the event of flamepath damage, the barrel of PES plugs can be replaced on-site, even underground, with no specialised training or cable termination required. The replaceable barrel can also be ordered separately and kept in stock on-site. Receptacles in this range feature the Jack-In Release option.

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  • Features

    • A single solid earth body
    • Single piece contacts to prevent hot joints
    • Easy termination
    • Easy flameproof repair
    • Full solid earth connectivity throughout product
    • Full phase to phase segregation with earth
    • Lightest Ex product on the market
  • Accessories

    • Silicone protection cover
    • Stainless steel Hanging Plate for Back-to-Back (B2B) receptacles

Technical Information