Quick Release Receptacle

ausproof quick release system receptacleThe optional quick release receptacle system is available on both the PS 150A and PL 300-425A ranges. As with all the AusProof ranges, the quick release system features innovative design benefits. Excitingly, the redesigned system is a rugged engineering design that is strong and safe with an ergonomically designed handle.

The system allows for a simple and effective method to engage and withdraw a plug from the receptacle. Specifically, these are used extensively throughout the coal mining and metalliferous industries. Additionally, the quick release receptacle feature fully complies to AS/NZS1299 and AS/NZS60079 parts 0 & 1.

Advantages include:

  • Increasing the strength and the diameter of the racked gear.
  • A larger size and improved strength for the lock pin.
  • A modified design to increase longevity.
  • A rugged engineering design.
  • Economically designed handle.

ausproof quick release system back to backThe Quick Release receptacle is available for:

  • PS 150A range
  • PL 300-425A range
  • Back-to-back receptacles
  • Receptacle Gland and Bracket


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