Aluminium Restrained Range

Designed for Non-Ex operations, including metalliferous and open-cut mining, as well as pump and tunnelling projects, AusProof’s Aluminium Restrained Range is a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to stainless steel low voltage plugs and receptacles for Non-Ex sites.

In order to make them easily identifiable from other restrained range products, our Aluminium Restrained Range has been given a fresh new look. Distinguishing them as Non-Ex products, the plugs and receptacle castings of this range have been painted in a stark, bold white, with stripes used to visually determine each products voltage and amp rating. Offering our customers further clarity and peace of mind when identifying each product, ‘Non-Ex’ labels and laser marks on components have also been added.

To keep things simple, we have kept the abbreviations for our Aluminium Restrained Range similar to those of our existing stainless steel range, changing just the first letter from ‘P’ for Stainless Steel to ‘A’ for Aluminium:

  • AES – covers 60 & 90 amps, with phase rotation to give 660 or 1100 volts;
  • AS – covers 150 amps, with phase rotation to give 660 or 1100 volts;
  • AL – covers 300 – 425 amps, with phase rotation to give 660, 1100 or 3300 volts.

AS and AL products are manufactured with a stainless steel body and an aluminium cage, maintaining the durability of their stainless steel counterparts. Lighter in comparison to our Stainless Steel Restrained Range:

  • AES plugs weigh in at 560 grams lighter and receptacles at 2.36kg lighter;
  • AS plugs weigh in at 360 grams lighter and receptacles at 3.9kg lighter; and
  • AL plugs weigh in at 1.04kg lighter and receptacles at 4.36kg lighter.

For those not requiring a flameproof product, not only is this product a lighter alternative, it is also more cost-effective. Making use of aluminium as the casting material has resulted in reduced production costs, allowing us to provide the industry with an inexpensive alternative to stainless steel products. In order to assist Non-Ex operational sites wishing to transition to aluminium, all AusProof aluminium restrained range products are compatible with the stainless steel product of matching rating.

Features of the products in this range include full phase to phase segregation with earth, easy termination, single piece contacts and full solid earth connectivity throughout. The easy to remove outer body of these products also enables easier maintenance and ensures continued reliability. Receptacles can be purchased in either Jack-In Release, Quick Release or Ratchet Release options. Additionally, these products can also be purchased with a durable silicon cover for the plugs and an O-ring sealed bung for the receptacles.

Please contact your local state sales representative for more information and pricing details. Further information on these products can also be accessed by clicking the relevant image below.



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