AES (Aluminium Extra Small) Range | Restrained Plugs and Receptacles

The AES Range of Non-Ex plugs and receptacles provides an alternative low voltage option, suitable for use in Non-Ex mining, tunnelling and pumping projects.

Released in 2022, operating voltages in the AES range are 660V and 1,100V, with current ratings of 60A and 90A available. The design of the AES range is based on AusProof’s stainless steel PES range, and retains an important key feature: 60 amp plugs and receptacles capable of withstanding up to 90 amps. Ideal for the pumping market, AES plugs can be fitted to pump cables of all types from 2.2mm to 25mm. Lightweight and cost-effective, receptacles in this range can also be purchased as a Receptacle Gland Bracket (RGB) assembly.

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  • Features

    • A single solid earth body
    • Single piece contacts to prevent hot joints
    • Easy termination
    • Full solid earth connectivity throughout product
    • Full phase to phase segregation with earth
    • Lightest product on the market
  • Accessories

    • Silicone protection cover

Technical Information