Replaceable Flameproof Paths

When developing new or redesigning existing products, AusProof’s research and development team are always conscious of the customer experience, and what improvements can be made to AusProof profits to assist in alleviating relevant customer pain points.

The design of our stainless steel low and high voltage ranges to enable the replacement of damaged flameproof paths is an example of this thought process. AusProof products available with this feature include the:

  • PES Range – 660 & 1,100 volts  |  60 & 90 amps;
  • PS Range – 660 & 1,100 volts  |  150 amps;
  • PL Range – 660-3,300 volts  |  300 & 425 amps; and
  • Ex118BSSRF – 11,000 volts  |  800 amps  |  8 bolts.

By designing these products to allow for the replacement of their flameproof paths in the event of damage, we have addressed two points of note: downtime and maintenance costs.

Across our PES, PS, PL and Ex118BSSRF products, the replacement of damaged flameproof paths can be conducted onsite, even in underground environments, and does not require specialised training or equipment, with the humble Allen key one of the main tools utilised. The necessary parts required for flameproof path replacement can be ordered at a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire coupler and kept handily on-site, assisting in downtime and maintenance reduction. Conducting maintenance of this nature onsite also negates any need for cable termination, further reducing downtime and associated maintenance costs.

For the plugs in our PS and PL low voltage ranges, simply slip off and replace the outer flameproof body casting. In order to accommodate the difference in its design and size, it is the flameproof barrel of our low voltage PES plugs that is replaceable.

Released in 2015, our Ex118BSSRF’s distinguishing feature is its Removable Flange. Simply remove the four countersunk screws to replace the flange. As coupler repairs can be conduct without cable termination or risking damage to any vital components, no specialised skills are required.

Please contact your local state sales representative for more information. Further details on these products, as well as access to downloadable technical manuals and product dimensions, can also be accessed by clicking the relevant image below.




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