Low Voltage Restrained Range Continues to Evolve

For the last two years, AusProof’s research and development department team have continued to evolve the low voltage restrained range. As a result, AusProof revamped the 60/90A plug and receptacle, as well as redesigned the quick release feature to our 150A and 300-425A range.

Translating the 3 ranges

AusProof has set out to simplify the restrained range of plugs and receptacles and introduced the terms PES, PS and PL to help distinguish between the range sizes.

  • The PES Range (Plug Extra Small) refers to plugs and receptacles in the 60A size, noting that these can be 660V or 1100V.
  • The PS Range (Plugs Small) refers to all plugs and receptacles that are rated to 150A. This includes 660V and 1100V ranges.
  • The PL Range refers to plugs and receptacles that are rated to 300A or 425A. This includes 660V, 1100V and 3300V ranges. The PL Range is also available in 4 pin or 6 pin configurations.

A first for the 60A Plug and Receptacle

When 60A is just not enough, AusProof has redesigned the 60A PES range to handle up to a mammoth 90A. Notably, the first of it’s kind within Australia. Additionally, this range of 90A is 100% compatible with the 60A range. Further innovative design features such as single piece contacts, solid interior design, phase segregation and AusProof’s unique maintenance system, makes it the go-to plug for the pumping market.

The 60A PES plugs can be fitted to pump cables of all types, up to 25sq mm. The flexibility of having this plug rated to 90A for non-Ex operations allows larger pumps to be installed without upgrading to larger systems. At AusProof, we refer to this as the FR feature of the 60A range and can be added as a suffix to our part numbers. Additionally, the PES plug and receptacle are available for 660V or 1100V and are fully compliant and certified to AS/NZS1299.

The Quick Release (QR) System

The optional quick release system is available on the PS 150A and PL 300-425A receptacles. As with all the AusProof ranges, the quick release system features innovative design benefits. Excitingly, the redesigned system is a rugged engineering design that is strong, safe and has an ergonomically designed handle.

The quick release system allows for a simple and effective method to engage and withdraw a plug from the receptacle. Specifically, these are used extensively throughout the coal mining and metalliferous industries. Additionally, this new feature fully complies to AS/NZS1299 and AS/NZS60079 parts 0 & 1.

Restrained Range Extensions

Continuing to provide the industry with innovative designs and products, AusProof launched additional extensions to the low voltage restrained range:

  • The Back-to-Back Receptacle (B2B);
  • Receptacle Gland & Bracket (RGB).

The RGB has a refreshed design, not only do they look sleek, but they have a unique two piece design. This eliminates unnecessary flame paths, resulting in less maintenance and reduces operational risks.

AusProof continues to research, identify and develop high quality and innovative products and designs that are reliable and safe for the industry. If you would like further information or product demonstrations, please contact your state Sales Manager.


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