118BKA RANGE – 11,000 volts | 800 amp | 8 bolt | open cut coupler

The 118BKA range is based on AS/NZS1300 that requires 8 bolts to join two couplers.

The new design helps improve OH&S with added handles and ergonomic features. The material is also stronger, which allows the design to join the face and body to form one casting. This creates a strong uniform casting and protects the phase insulators.

This was the first design with full phase to earth segregation in Australia in 1995.

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  • Features

    • Solid face and body Casting
    • Higher Mpa Aluminium Material
    • Detachable Adaptor Flange
    • Handles
    • All air expelled on joining
    • Silicon seal for face
    • Full phase to earth segregation
    • Arc extinguishing Phase Insulators
    • Genderless design
    • Silicon Phase Connectors
  • Accessories

    • Adaptor – Gear Mount
    • Cast Protection Cover
    • Contacts Crimp
    • Contacts Soldered
    • Gland – Armoured
    • Gland – Unarmoured
    • Insulated End Cover
    • Slide Hammer
    • Coupling Tool
    • CAT Skid

Technical Information

  • Specs

    Volts 11,000
    Amp 800
    LOA (mm) 740
    Weight (KG) 22
    Material Aluminium
    Volume (Litres) 4.0

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  • Test Results

    Referenced to AS/NZS 1300:2009
    Through Fault Current at 10 minute intervals 20kA for 0.3 seconds
    20kA for 0.3 seconds
    20kA for 1.0 seconds
    AC HV Withstand 24kV for 1 minute
    50kV for 1 minute
    35kV for 6 hours
    Impulse Voltage 95kV
    Partial Discharge 10pC Prior to 6 hour HV withstand
    0.6pC After 6 hour HV withstand
    Temperature Rise 800A